Tuesday, August 28, 2007

First Day of school

Well the girls started school again today. Belle headed to her new Life Skills class excited. Libby starting first grade. We took the typical first day photos at the tree in our front yard. I didn't think about Allan mowing the yard last night until we came back in covered in grass clippings from the dew. Oh well something I get to clean after work -haha.
The girls came home all full of stories. Libby is in the same class as 2 other girls from the daycare latch key so she already knew some in her class. Belle was all stories about how she earned stickers for good behavior - such a great difference than last year. She meets her TSS at the school. Only downer is she has to ride 30-45 minutes on the bus to get to the elementary school she's attending.
Gwyn is anxious to move up to pre-k next Tuesday. I'm a bit worried she'll be a little lost in the beginning. Currently she's in a 2s class which most of them are going to the 3s class well Gwyn is jumping that class so she'll have a whole class of new friends to make - most of which have been together for almost 4 years. Plus she's been in a class with a little girl with downs syndrome. Gwyn has been the little girl's best friend and even mothers her at times. This particular little girl isn't going to be with Gwyn in the fall.
I cried a little knowing my mom missed the yearly phone call about how the first day went. I was suprised to have a call this evening just as the girls were going to bed to hear my dad's voice asking those special questions of how things went. The girls were so happy to tell Pap Pap all the special details.


Blogger Queen Bee said...

Oh Annette, that made me cry...very sweet of your dad to call on the first day :)

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