Sunday, May 20, 2007

Any more stress???

Just about the time I feel I've hit my limit whoops there's more.
My oldest pumpkin had her psychological evaluation on Wednesday last week at school. The psychologist called me on Friday to tell me her IQ has her in the mildly retarded standing. So now her diagnosis is PDD, ODD, MR, Moebius syndrome, ADHD, as well as language and speech imparement. This kid has more letters related to her than most doctors do.
Friday we have an IEP team reconviening for her. The principal at her school (she's main streamed as of now) has me so frustrated. She has unjustly disciplined my daughter. When she was made aware of the IQ score on Friday she instantly says, "well that would explain why ***** has been the way she has all year." Oh ok so her behavior is only based on her MR status? Forget the other diagnosis. I so want her out of that school next year. It annoys me our home is in her school district because I have 2 other children to go through that school. GRRR!! Friday's meeting may be a shouting match by the end of the meeting.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Huge hugs!!! And is there anyone else in the district you can talk to? Maybe the superintendant?

8:44 PM  
Blogger Queen Bee said...

Seconding Michele, go over her head if you don't get a total turn around at your meeting. Hugs!

10:52 PM  

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