Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Crying all my tears

I'm going to appologize now if I am rude, short or emotional the next few weeks. As some of you know my mom was taken back to the hospital on Sunday night. Some of her staples tore and we were thinking what was going to be a simple procdure to repair a small problem with the intestines yesterday was the answer. Well that simple surgery wasn't so simple. It lasted over 3 hours. When the surgeon realized it was more than he could handle they brought in a specialist. The specialist said the damage of the tear was so severe that he couldn't even fix it without chancing that it would tear worse somewhere else. So they tried to repair what they could and wound up adding her a colostomy. We were finally notified of all of this after 7 pm and that she was going to recovery. No way were my dad, brother, sister in law and I ever prepared for what we had to face at 9:30 when they called to the waiting room to have us come to her room with them. Currently she's on a ventilator because they don't want her getting pneumonia and she is so heavily sadated that they don't want her waking up and freaking out. So today my dad is going to work to try to take his mind off things. I'm going to try to find someone that can watch the girls tomorrow (when they are expecting to bring her out of sedation as of now). My sister is in Canada because her husband's grandfather died on Friday and the viewing is tonight. They aren't staying for the funeral tomorrow. If you pray please pray for Angie as all this happened after she left for Canada and she is even more emotional than I am. Seriously my dad and brother told the ICU nurse last night we may need extra help when she sees my mom the first time because of her having an anxity attack or worse. Oh and to top the whole day off my mom's 94 year old dad has taken a turn for the worse and they are giving him 1 day to 2 1/2 weeks left. We haven't decided when to tell her because we know that will tear her up even more than facing what all she's going to wake up to since she's very close to him and his Power of Attorney.
Annette (who's cried til my eyes hurt)

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

The Day to never relive.

Yesterday was the day from almost hell.

Allan decided to have a mid life crisis as I put it and buy himself a classic MG mini. So since mom had surgery on Monday and he took Monday and Tuesday off I figured we'd go pick it up Tuesday. So our day began by getting up and seeing the mason was finally here after waiting 3 weeks to lay the cinder blocks for the garage. So we see the guys and head out for the U-haul to pick up the trailer Allan's secured online telling them what vehicle we are going to haul on it. Get there and have the man put it on the Land Rover. Mind you I said something when signing for it about the car being a MG mini this will be important later.

We start going to Bethlehem PA which is about a 3 hour drive. Get donuts for the girls to eat and we are off. We got a little lost when we had to make a potty stop but the GPS worked well getting us back on track (for once- for those that don't know about my hate of the GPS ask about our trip to the aquarium).

We get to this gorgeous mansion. I was terrified when the girls ask once again to go to the bathroom and the guy selling the car's wife said sure bring them in my house. Umm I don't think so you have 3 living rooms before the marble bath with pedestal sink. And you are asking a 2, 5 and 6 year old to run in your house? Well we made it in and back outside to play in the grass that looked like local golf courses. Meanwhile Allan and the owner are on a "drive". Why is it that sounds like it should be short term? It probably was but with 3 kids it seemed longer. When they return Allan states we are definitely interested in the purchase and they start loading the car on the trailer. BIG PROBLEM!!!!! The MG midget is only like 3 1/2 - 4 wheel spred and the trailer isn't that narrow. Great! Allan can't drive it since he's never driven stick before in the states and doesn't know if he'd be able to shift for 3 hours not knowing how to drive properly. I can't drive it cause since I broke my foot I don't know if I can shift either plus the car is so small I can't get my legs under the dash board. Why are we buying a car neither of us can drive??? Still makes me wonder. So the man says how about you give me a deposit and I'll hold it for you all until you can get someone to help drive it back to York. My dad is going out to Bethlehem with Allan again on Saturday for this.
Then we start on our way home. Remember we've spent all day in the car with 3 kids so they are doing extremely well! We get back into York and decide we might as well take the trailer back to U-haul. What should have been a 15-20 minute drive from the off ramp at 83 to the Uhaul place was no exaggeration over an hour. When we finally get there we find out that there was an accident at the main intersection down the road from the u-haul on Rt 30 (the main route in York) and the one driver was killed so everything on Rt 30 was shut down. Because of all the rerouting it took another hour to get back home. I was so exhausted.
The highlight of the day was to see the mason had finished laying the blocks.
Went to see my mom in the hospital after all this and had an upsetting time when sister in law kept being snide and snotty with everything I said or did then when we were all leaving she wrote her work number and my sister's work number on the note pad for the nurses to call in an emergency and then told me I could help by cleaning my mom's house. I wanted to give her some reconstructive surgery to her face when I left.

This morning I called my mom and she said she had a really bad night with shortness of breathe and they took her to have a CAT scan and Xrays as well as give her oxygen overnight. She was scheduled to come home Thursday but I don't think she's getting out tomorrow.